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How To Tie A Spider Hitch Leader Knot
Dave Barham shows how to tie the Spider Hitch Leader Knot.
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How To Use A Stuffed Squid Bait For Cod And Bass
Dave Barham, prepares a squid stuffed with lugworm for winter cod and bass.
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Cod Fishing Baits Video - Herring And Squid Wrap
Here's a great winter cod bait - the herring and squid wrap. It's also very good for late season bass - big ones!
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How To Use Sandeels For Fishing Bait
Dave Barham, shows how to use sandeels for bait when targeting bass and rays.
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How To Use A Whole Squid On A Pennell Rig
Dave Barham, shows how to use a whole squid bait on a pennell rig for winter cod, bass and rays.
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Cod Fishing Baits Video - Crab And Squid Wrap
How to bait up with a crab and squid wrap. BFM editor, Dave Barham, explains the benefits of using a crab and squid wrap bait for cod fishing. You can use this one from the shore as well as the boat, and it casts like a dream!
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How To Use A Lugworm Sausage Bait
Dave Barham, shows how to prepare a lugworm sausage bait for catching cod and bass.
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Cod Fishing Baits Video - Black Lug And Razorfish Wrap
This is a great cod bait for beach fishing as well as boat fishing. It's particularly effective inshore when just after a storm when the razorfish have been dislodged and washed up along the shoreline.
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Cod Fishing Baits Video - Lugworm And Half Cuttlefish Wrap
One sea fishing bait that catches a lot of winter cod it the half cuttle and black lugworm cocktail. Here's Dave Barham demonstrating how to prepare it.
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Winter Cod Baits Scallop Frills, Mushy Bait, Cart - Video
In this the third Video in his Winter Cod Baits Editor Dave Barham shows us how he uses the Scallop Frills and other Mushy bait and simmilarly Cart Baits using the Fox Arma Mesh non PVA rig.
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Cod Fishing Baits Video - How To Present A Whole Cuttlefish
BFM Ed, Dave Barham, shows how he presents a whole cuttlefish bait for cod and bass. This is one of the top baits along the south coast for cod and bass, and is well worth trying.
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How To Tie A Grinner Knot
Dave Barham shows you how to tie the essential Grinner Knot.
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How To Tie A Tucked Blood Knot
Dave Barham, shows how to tie the Tucked Blood Knot.
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How To Use Mackerel And Sandeel For Ray Fishing
Dave Barham, shows how to prepare a mackerel and sandeel bait for catching rays.
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How to prepare Bluey for bait - Video
Dave Barham shows you how to prepare Blueys for a number of different fish.
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Wreck Fishing - A Simple Rig For Working Shads And Jellies
This is one of the best ways to rig up for working any type of lure in deep water, especially when fishing over wrecks and rough ground. It works a treat for bass, cod, pollack, ling etc.
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Tope Fishing - Century Excalibur Braid Boat Rod Video - 20/50lb Class
Dave Barham tests the new Century Excalibur Braid boat fishing rod with a rather lively 46lb tope on the end!
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How to prepare the Prawn as bait for different fish - Video
Dave Barham, Editor of Boat Fishing Monthly show you how to prepare the Prawn for use as bait.
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How To Join Braid To Mono Knot
Dave Barham developed this knot over a decade ago for joining Braid To Mono.
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Fishing Video Review - Daiwa Saltist BG 20H Multiplier Review
BFM Ed, Dave Barham, takes a look at the high speed retrieve Daiwa Saltist BG20H - a superb new reel for 2013 that's going to be a big hit with boat anglers.
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Bass Fishing With Topwater Lures Video - Day One
Dave Barham and the BFM Crew journey to Aberdovey to fish for Bass with Bass Fishing Wales Guide Mat Rickard. Using Top Water Lures they have two great days fishing - check out the action.
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Catching Smoothounds Video - Daiwa Exceler Spinning Rod Test
Dave Barham test the 10ft Daiwa Exceler spinning rod and Daiwa Procaster 4000A reel, live at sea while catching double-figure smoothhounds.
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Daiwa 12/20 Saltist Braid Special boat rod and Saltist 20 Twin Speed reel
Here's a live test of the Daiwa Saltist Braid Special 12/20lb class and Saltist 20 twin speed reel in action with a 14lb 8oz undulate ray for BFM Team.
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How To Catch Bass On Surface Lures
https://offer.davebarhamfishing.com/bass-fishing-secrets-just-shipping Dave Barham travels to Pembrokeshire to target bass with surface lures, guided by Mat Rickard from Bass Fishing Wales. The pair ended up with 67 bass caught off the top in a single day, topped by a rather lively 7lb 3oz beauty!
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Double Figure Bass Catch & Release
On a recent Bass trip out of Littlehampton with Martin Donald on his boat Bluprint, Dave hooked up, played and released two double-figure bass using a floatfished pouting livebait. Check out the article in this month's (Dec 2016 Issue 539) Sea Angler Magazine...http://www.seaangler.co.uk
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Underwater Turbot and Brill Fishing Footage
Here's some cool underwater footage from a recent turbot and brill fishing trip off Littlehampton. It's quite interesting to see how the turbot swims with the camera/lead, not even registering that it has been hooked!
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Bass Fishing With Plugs Video By Boat Fishing Monthly Magazine
Here's Boat Fishing Monthly regular, Andy Pilott, catching a few bass on plugs during a perfect day afloat in a small dinghy. The silent approach and light tackle accounted for over a dozen bass up to 4lb. Magic!
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HTO Rockfish Revolution LRF Rods - Video Review
Dave Barham the Editor and George Cunningham of Tronixpro have a look at the HTO Rockfish Revolution LRF Rods
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Video review of Penn Fathom 15 & 30 LD Twin speed Lever Drag Reel
At a receint Trade Show Dave Barham, Editor of Boat Fishing Monthly Magazine talks and reviews the new Penn Fathom 15 & 30 Twin Speed Lever Drag Reel on Video
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Veals   Okuma Cortez Reel Video
In the second reel review Dave Barham talks to Dave Box of Veals Mail Order about the Okuma Cortez Multiplier Reel.
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HTO Lure Game 10-40g Rod - Live Test
Dave Barham puts the new 10-40g HTO Lure Game blank through its paces with a double-figure smoothhound, during a recent trip out of Holyhead on board 'My Way'.
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Fishing For Gilthead Bream - Video
Here's some footage of Andy Howell of 'Specialised Charters' catching a gilthead bream in the Fal estuary. Apologies for the wind noise - I forgot my boom mic!
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Bass On The Savage Gear Pencil Prey Lure
Dave Barham demonstrates how to catch bass off the surface on the Savage Gear Pencil Prey stickbait lure.
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Huge Bass on the Abu Revo Bass Spinning Rod
Dave Barham tests the Abu Revo Bass Spin rod by boating his personal best 10lb 3oz bass.
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Video - Vass-Tex 175 and 350 Waterproofs - there may be changes in prices since publishing.
Dave Barham of Boat Fishing Monthly Magazine continues with Dave Box of Veals Mail Order around the wharhouse, this time he has found some waterproof clothing which caught his eye, the lightweight one he considers great for Norway
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How to use the Slipper Limpet as bait - Video
Dave Barham, Editor of Boat Fishing Monthly shows you how to use the Slipper Limpet as bait.
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How To Make 'Bread Soup' Groundbait For Mullet Fishing
This is a simple but very effective method of groundbaiting marinas when targeting mullet. The aim of the game is to get maximum scent into the water without providing too much 'food' for the mullet to chow down on.
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Cinnetic Explorer Ultralight Inshore Jigging Rods Video Review.
Dave Barham Editor of BFM is with George Cunningham of Tronixpro discussing the new range of Ultralight Inshore Jigging Rods introduced by Cinnetic, quality rod designed for the purpose of fishing small plastics and metals. Great piece of kit at a very reasonable price. Check it out.
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Daiwa Kenzaki Braid Special Boat Rod Review (12-20lb)
Daiwa Kenzaki Braid 12-20lb boat rod 'live' review by Dave Barham. Check out the smoothhound action off Holyhead.
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Rovex Ceratec 4000 Fishing Reel - Video Review
Dave Barham of Boat Fishing Monthly and Dave Box of Veals Mail Order take a look at the new Rovex Ceratec 4000 fixed spool reel, a reel costing less than £35, amazing value.
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Tronixpro HTO Rock Fish LRF FS Reel Video Review.
Dave Barham of BFM is again with George Cunningham of Tronixpro this time looking at the new HTO Rock Fish LRF Fixed Spool Reels, made to match the HTO Rockfish range of LRF Rods.
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The 'Secret' Cod Fishing Bait - Whitby Cart!
Cod fishing will never be the same if you get on this great fishing bait! It's called 'Cart' and it's the scrapings from inside the shell of an edible crab. Here's Dave Barham talking to Whitby charter boat skipper, Paul Kilpatrick, about it...
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Norway Halibut 77lb on a Spinning Rod!
Norway's Sandland Brygge UK rep, Les McBride, nails a monster halibut on a lure rod and Dave Barham slams the gaff in!
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Yuki Invisible Line (You won't believe it!) - Video Review
Dave Barham of Boat Fishing Monthly Magazine reviews in this Video the Incredible Yuki Invisible line at Moonfleet Angling
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Penn Battle 11 and Penn Conflict Reels Video Review
Dave Barham of Boat Fishing Monthly is with Mike Thrussell of Pure Fishing at a receint Trade Show looking at the new Penn Battle 11 and Penn Conflict Fixed Spool Fishing Reels.
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Intro Fishing in Northern Norway (Part 1)
Dave offers info on what to take with you when Boat fishing in Northern Norway in summer months.
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How To Rig Sandeels And Launce For Bass - Video
Here's a great way that BFM Editor, Dave Barham, rigs his sandeels and launce for targeting bass on the drift. It was immediately after this clip that he latched into his PB 10lb 3oz bass, which you can see on the 'Abu Revo Bass Spin' test video elsewhere on this channel!
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Tope Fishing With Light Tackle
Live action fishing for 40lb+ tope out of Skegness with Dean Sumner. One of five we caught in just a couple of hours while experimenting with a new mark he had never fished before!
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Penn Rampage Braid 20/30 Rod Review
Contuining with our Tackle reviews Dave now has a look at some of the rods on offer on the Veals Mail order site with Dave Box of Veals, in this one they look at the Penn Rampage Braid 20/30 Rod
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Shark Fishing - Video showing How To Mix Up Rubby Dubby
This mix is a proven one and it works a treat for the blue and porbeagle sharks off Wales. We nailed 21 blue sharks in a short 6-hour session on this day, up to 190lb!
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