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How To Choose A Horse

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A video tutorial on How To Choose A Horse that will improve your horses skills. Learn how to get good at horses from Videojug's hand-picked industry leaders. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=videojug Check Out Our Channel Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/videojug Like Us On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/videojug Follow Us On Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/videojug Watch This and Other Related films here: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-buy-a-horse
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Conor ODonnell (29 days ago)
I like the pink polo shirt with a collar and I like the popped collar up on you.
Conor ODonnell (19 days ago)
She likes the pink polo shirt with a collar with a collar popped up.
Shewolfen (2 months ago)
1:10 oh it does happen, it did for me. some things are ment to be. <3
Tegan Thrussell (3 months ago)
Hmm... ok, so I've seen a lot of people talking about the issue of shoes. I'm not an expert, but here's my advice. Shoes are fantastic if you have rocky ground. If there's a chance for them chipping their hooves, and gravel for them to get stone bruise, I advise shoeing them. If not, perhaps you don't need to. I only show my horses 2 front feet, so that he doesn't get stone bruise. He can survive with stone bruise on his own, but the added weight of a rider is took much. Yes, wild horses are fine without shoes! But they don't have humans on their backs, so your point is invalid. (I've seen this point a lot in my scrolling of these comments.) It's a precaution. If your horse frequently becomes lame, or chips their hooves, consider trying shoes. My last horse, kept on the same property, didn't need shoes. She was fine. We got my new horse, and he wasn't. It depends. No one can say "get shoes" or "don't bother" because it depends on the horse, and the area. Thank you.
Salty Grunt (4 months ago)
How many other ppl came here to see that big rack bouncing on horseback? 😜
Thomas franklin (8 months ago)
Thanks for the advice 🐎💯✌️. How many you own ? And there names
Kamol Ergashev (10 months ago)
My uncle has 200 horses in Russia and we give them only flew shots nothing else, 20 years in this business :) Fresh water, shelter, hay and any food that cow or sheep eats thats it
I'm planning on leasing a cute horse named Link this summer, but I'm getting sorta nervous because we don't really have the best harmony together. I'm pretty sure he is my only option for leasing, but I don't want to spend money on a horse that I don't even like! What should I do??
hotlittle zombiekiller (11 months ago)
I love how attentive you’re with your horse. You even subconsciously are petting and loving on him whilst speaking on the video. It’s obvious how very much you love your horse.
King Farouq (1 year ago)
Jenny ? Jenny Is For Pet A Siberian Husky Dog
G - Man. (1 year ago)
No puedo fijarme en el caballo ¿porqué será?
Debbie Horn (1 year ago)
quit putting your hands over the horses nose ! you can tell it bothers him and he thinks he won't be able to breath. thats' how pry animals kill them.
Tegan Thrussell (3 months ago)
Not always. My horse reacts similarly. It's more of a game for us. He goes looking for snacks, but I tease him. Horses know they're big and strong enough that covering their nose a bit shouldn't bother them. Also, if you look closely, he's licking her hand. He wants treats, like my horse. No predators kill them that way. A horse is much too large. The only way to kill a horse is speed and strength. Chase it down and tacking it with claws. Nothing to do with the nose.
Makiya.Brown (1 year ago)
How can I get a free horse
I have an Equestrian family and this really helped me choose my horse as I have been riding since I was two and I had my name pony when I was two
Hind (1 year ago)
I came for watermelons
Marlini Yusman (1 year ago)
Tulah Mendez (1 year ago)
Hang on is it illegal not to get a horse vetted 😂😂
Leila Witherspoon (1 year ago)
what breed is that horse in this video ?
Kara IsUnSocial (1 year ago)
UEHH UHH what If horse choosed me >.< He litterly picked up saddle or whatever is it called and gave me it xd SRRY MY EANGLISH IS BAD AF xd
Brooke Boyko (2 years ago)
It doesn't matter how tall or old the horse is. It the connection you have with the horse and I they don't need to see a vet every month. My 3 horses have not seen a vet in a long time the only time it really needs to see a vet is if it is acting vary strange or it has to get shots or blood taken for competitions
Mya Bielby (2 years ago)
Some horses don't need shoeing, stabling or most things you said. As long as they have a good supply of fresh food and water every day and if cold have a rug on they will be perfectly fine. There is no need to spend £££ on horses. My horses are in no way shape or form neglected or not loved they are adored and live a very happy life
Sexy lady
rmoenmjea (2 years ago)
At our Barn there is a horse that has been standing outside for 4 years now and the owners come about once a year. This poor pony has horrible teeth and hooves but is such a sweetheart... I would love to buy her bc we get along really really well but since I am still going to school and plan on moving quite far away when I'm finished I think it would be a bad idea to buy her. She also is in quite bad health and you never know if it will stay that way or not...
carolineleiden (1 year ago)
rmoenmjea RSPCA will deal with that if only you REPORT it to them or the police. Just saying something is a disgrace is not going to help him.
Ellie Gardner (2 years ago)
I am not shoeing my horse but a local farrier is trimming the hooves
Suzy Kidd (2 years ago)
It didn't answer the question of how to choosing a horse it just said if your ready for a horse and for the record you can't leave cats for a couple of day and hop they will be alright I have cats so I should know it wasn't a very good video anyway
Suzy Kidd (2 years ago)
Sorry for the bad spelling
Lindsey Renshaw (3 years ago)
I don't have a horse, I love them and want to go to a riding school but have only ridden one once and have no space nor enough money. But when I visited England and met my aunt for the first time I rode my cousins horse Tig. It. Was. Amazing. Except for the fact that I'm scared of heights and my aunts only advice was don't fall
Cuteguineapigs 21 (3 years ago)
How much is a £1,000 pounds in u.s. Dollars
Cakekitty (2 years ago)
Cuteguineapigs 21 GOD THATS ALOT ILL NEVER GET A HORSE! :C my dreams are ruined </3
calmvoice44 (2 years ago)
1434.42 US Dollar
Lys Stonham (3 years ago)
You DO NOT have to shoe a horse! They can be barefoot
henlo (3 years ago)
how much is £1000 in US Dollars?
henlo (3 years ago)
Lucy Huckins (3 years ago)
It's about $1500
Michelle Sebbas (3 years ago)
+TheEmeraldKillercat 1509,60
Anika Jarquin (3 years ago)
u do NOT HAVE to get them shoed. in fact it cuts off the blood flow completely if done through out the whole year and the next and so on. (replacing old shoes with new dont help this.) for unexperienced people, i would recomend shoeing if ur gonna be on lots of rocks or roads. and if u have the seasons, take them off in winter. if this now freaks u out and were planning on shoeing but fear this now. theres always the alternive, boots. there are special ones for every sport. i use caballo. and u dont have to get a fancy highbred horse from a magazine. u can rescue, adopt, auction, or even check out the locals. im always rrading the news paper. the pet section gives me a list of horses or cows for sale. so there are many better options than what she gave. i recomend these strongly. and maybe even understanding that u dont always have to look into a horse whos been highly trained in the disaplin u want. i end up with rescues and ill just say ive never seen my friends' horse ever miss a turn or gait. but the emptyness i see in their heart is not what i get out of my rescues. they want to please a person soooo bad. u can see a true fire that ignites when u put ur trust in them. such an inspiring sight. but not every rescue or high class horse is that way either. if ur going to adopt. often look for not only ur horse but others around it too, 1.look for a sagging lip and drowsy eyes (this means theyve drugged the horse) the lips alone are fine unless mixed with the eyes. 2. try and avoid pigeon toes (when the horses back feet are pointed outwards.) 3.look for a sway back. (usualy in mares due to young breeding, but can be found due to too young riding.) 4. can they handle their own horse. ( can they go under horse, lead the horse, pick its feet, ride it, or even go through some basic obstacles with it) 5.does the horse suite u? ( can i do all the listed above and more, is it well cared for.) 6.make sure u have tack, living quarters, and food and water necesity along withe shelter prior to getting a horse, u may also make sureu have a live stock vet in the area along with a farrier. then id say ur fine to go. and coat color will not always be ur wish of choice. but if ur anything like me ull know when uve found the right horse, when picking a horse rather let the horse pick u. thank u and have a wonderful day surfing u tube!!
Lisa Blythe (3 years ago)
my daughter has been asking for a horse and I'm thinking about getting her a gypsy vanner for a first horse would that be a good horse and could u guys suggest what kinda horse I should get for her if a gypsy vanner is not a good first horse??
kaley pignone (3 years ago)
+Lisa Blythe That's a great decision.
Meredith Morris (3 years ago)
+Lisa Blythe Well it depends on your daughter of course, as what her height is will depend on best fit to size. Though I wouldn't say anything over 16hh. Cobs can be quite strong and depending on the age of your daughter and her riding ability this could be difficult once you have found the right horse and then it's starts getting cheeky after a few months. A first horse it is better to get older, as long as you don't go with any hot-blooded horses such as Thoroughbreds most breeds should be fine. With a Gypsy Vanner you'd also have to take into account its hair, but another point with that is there are things out there that stops much and keeps hair tangled. Pig oil is good to keep mud off feathers and can have sulphur added in which prevents mites. There are sprays that help untangle the mane and tail. Or if your cob is heavy set you could also get the mane shave if you think it would look decent. I own a very hairy Welsh Section D who has enough hair to rival Gypsy Vanners and it is easy enough to brush them under 20mins once you have a handle on everything the main thing is if the horse is going to be strong and pull and push at your daughter when she is handling it, but this can happen with any horse so really the main thing is look for the right horse. The breed and colour will always come second when it's your first horse
Anika Jarquin (3 years ago)
another thing is a gypsy would be great. but do u really have the time to brush the feathering and mane and tailout once daily? never the less the comitment? and bathing as. often as u can in the summer would also be a good idea. especially if u get a white and othercolor gypsy. their tail and feet can get stained from the ground, also stall bedding can get stuck to their fur and is almost impossible to get rid of. so a quarter is a bit more of an easy keeper. great food wise and pretty self durable to the climets. maybe a light sheet in winted but no more. they become fluff-horses in winter.
Anika Jarquin (3 years ago)
id say a quarter horse is better suiting for beginners. u can also keep in mind yes pintos and appoloosas and palaminos and some times quarter crosses. have fun hope uve found the right horse!!!
Jade (3 years ago)
I wouldnt suggest getting a horse such as a gypsy vanner. Older, Smaller horses are a good choice. Probably a Pinto. Theyre pretty and slightly smaller than most horses. :)
Molly Francis (3 years ago)
I'm going to try a horse tomorrow, it's my first one, I'm really nervous 😣
James Griffith (10 months ago)
ZequineZ (11 months ago)
Molly Francis how'd it go?
Xiaz Faminialagao (3 years ago)
My stallion kiger mustang its so big because i am only ten i hired a horse caretaker 2000$ for 20 days and we let him stay in our storage room .
Sarah Mckendry (4 years ago)
Or you could just go to your mum's boyfriends neighbour, buy a $1000 Arabian cross Quarter horse, and you bought that hors eve cause you were grieving the lost of you least horse. I did that and my horse she is perfect, I barely need to spend money on her have a friend who can do her feet (she doesn't need shoes), she gets her winter coat early so no need for a blanket, has a beautiful natural, perfect hight, perfect movement, has a strong build for jumping and will do anything you ask if you do it right. If I chose to sell my horse she would be worth A LOT of money.
Dave M (4 years ago)
What are the laaws for drinking and riding..? *burp*
Tegan Thrussell (3 months ago)
Actually, I've heard it's illegal. Surprised me too. Not sure how true it is, but I made the same joke to a mate, and they said that in some places it's just as bad to ride drunk, as it is to drive drunk. Go figure.
Kaitlin Dobosz (4 years ago)
I got my first horse when I was 12, I took the people that taught me to ride and I found my perfect horse who I still have now. I've had her for what will be 5 years in a few months 😊 so the first horse you see could very well be your perfect horse😊
Heather Wilkerson (4 years ago)
Really a horse needs shoes? My horses have been barefoot there entire lives and there just fine and what about the wild mustangs who goes out and shoes them.
Elizabeth Puddy (1 year ago)
HI my name is Emma I love horses I hair 2 Horses dry name are amber and DREAMIE 🐎 I will be in a link
The Prancing Pony (1 year ago)
Heather Wilkerson Yes they can live without shoes but usually people have them shoed. I personally wouldn’t have shoes because it can actually decrease their life expectancy.
Meredith Morris (3 years ago)
+Heather Wilkerson It depends on the breed of horse also, my thoroughbred had his hoof crumble on me when he was on box-rest due to another injury and his shoe had to come off. It was terrible, although we'd only had a him a few months so weren't far into our hoof hardening/making good hooves process that has been refined over the years. Our new horse is slowly going through the process of having no shoes now but he is being a baby about it haha
Niyah Howard (4 years ago)
We only have 1 farrier in my area and he charges 120 for a full set of shoes... But on 40 for a trim 😒
wtf66611 (4 years ago)
She's not wearing a bra.
Casella xox (4 years ago)
shut up sicko.
OldBurgerLover (4 years ago)
there are so many people who simply leave there horses out in the field with a water trough and good grass and they remain perfectly healthy.  It is Not necessary to spend a fortune on a horse.
Shewolfen (2 months ago)
yes it does depend on your horse and where you live and there are ways to cut costs. If your horse is an easy keeper and you are in a warmer climate and have your own good safe pasture with a run in shed, most horses would be fine with that and prefer it, and that cuts down on illness and feed bill. If you have vet tech experience you can administer your own vaccines and dewormer and other over the counter meds and only need a vet for check ups and emergencies. If you learn to trim their feet for barefoot, it is much better for them than shoes, you can get horse boots if they realy need protection, you can trim regularly, which cuts down on foot problems, and only need a farrier for a check ups/guidence and if problems arise. You can take courses in vet tech and farrier science.
Tegan Thrussell (3 months ago)
And look at the state of their neck, top line, rump and hooves. I'll bet they're not that great, because either they need to be worked hard with a suitable diet to keep them going, or they aren't worked hard, in which case they will have little muscle, and cracked hooves. Yes, they may be healthy, but they won't be fit. Big difference. If you aren't prepared to make your horse fit, you shouldn't have one.
Lee Alexander (1 year ago)
OldBurgerLover how many horses have you owned? Ever had one get sick or injured? What do you do for feed in the winter? How about the electric bill for tank heaters? Have you priced tack lately? That and numerous other expenses go with responsibly horse ownership. And don't forget frequent visits from the farrier.
The Prancing Pony (1 year ago)
Yes but some horses can’t be left out in fields always.
JoziGirl (3 years ago)
+OldBurgerLover In the UK space is always an issue.  A lot of folks I know vacuum pack and store their summer clothes in winter, and their winter clothes in summer.
OldBurgerLover (4 years ago)
I'd seriously like the see this woman lower  her arms to her sides and keep them there for a good 5 minutes without moving them!
Laura Sori (5 years ago)
The video jug girl has big jugs... What do you know
JoziGirl (3 years ago)
+Laura Sori Wearing a padded racerback sports bra.... sorry to disappoint.
TheFunnyFace12 (5 years ago)
its England money its equal to about 1600 American dollars
sid (5 years ago)
Going to buy my first horse 2009 model with 9000 km milage!
Jade D (5 years ago)
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TYSxSPARTAN1 (5 years ago)
Abuse that horses
Sonu Kumar (5 years ago)
hey why are you hittig the horse
Tegan Thrussell (3 months ago)
You can't be serious?
Deyzia (5 years ago)
it depends on the horse some need shoes, some dont.
Talal .r (5 years ago)
what kind of pounds
OMGuK (5 years ago)
Cyndie Yeomans you do have to shoe a horse and love the video
dorothy djcox (1 year ago)
OMGuK mine has never in his life worn shoes. He's an arabian and they usually have good feet. He moves beautifully so he doesn't need shoes to improve or correct his action.
Mohamed Almasry (5 years ago)
loved the video, thank you, would you please consider a more sophisticated horse checklist to do before buying a horse, thanks again
Drahoslava Season (5 years ago)
εσυ μονο αυτο προσεχεισ τιποτα αλλο
Cyndie yeomans (5 years ago)
you do not have to shoe your horse
Colton B (5 years ago)
I dunno why but all of a sudden I've got a hankering for some milk. Two large jugs...
Beatrice Betty (5 years ago)
yay! i finally chose my horse! he is from africa and he is amazing! i feed him pepsi and popcorn! he loves it! i also feed him ice cream and chocolate! my sister betty said thats amazing to feed them and i named him Pooper because he is white furred with brown spots that look like poop! Pooper also loves to eat black licorice and grapes! you helped me chose the right horse! even though im allergic to horses i dig my face into him and a wake up with a face the size of a large balloon! thank you!!
lisa garay (1 year ago)
you still feed it horse food, right? I don't think what you currently feed him is healthy for him
Jess93 (5 years ago)
Lol i bought a ex racehorse at 14 for my first horse... He nearly killed me xD but he is awesome now lol
Jordan Wood (5 years ago)
she got some big boobs
masha horse (5 years ago)
Im so in love with your tips...DO MORE HORSE VIDS I LOVE THEM...I might join and work at wimbledom village stables...YOUR EPIC...CHESTER IS CUTE LOVE YOU!!!!!!
CaGa Ranch (6 years ago)
i do :)
CaGa Ranch (6 years ago)
i have 4 horses! and my 4th was chosen with help from u !
phoeva12 (6 years ago)
If you want a horse with less expense think about sharing it with a friend
Nicci Niky (7 years ago)
do you have your horse now?

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