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thelma figueroa (4 days ago)
r u attracted to young ma
lex walker (17 days ago)
Tell it!!!!
Kristine Yang (22 days ago)
You look so fucking cute in this video !!
Tatyana Anderson (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video. People don’t understand
Stephanie McCullum (1 month ago)
Because you are attracted to masculine energy but don’t know how to relate to a real XY not a masculinized XX
kieth lashawn (1 month ago)
I do have a question tho do studs like their pussy ate
kieth lashawn (1 month ago)
Who da fuq ask that shit 🚫. Bcuz u want to. If u date a lamp post or a mailbox itz yo business. But i loved the video bcuz it gives insight into who u are❤😘
Reign Onme (1 month ago)
#teamstem whats up baddiesssssssss #dominanthere
Johneil Reeder (1 month ago)
Good lesbian running her mouth for a mile a minute she said, how to get delusional she likes those ugly ass lesbian women they look like s*** ran over their face and see if they talk about the LGBT community they need to take every last one of them m************ and take them out back and f****** shoot them
David Ridlen (21 days ago)
You never answered the question. It is fascinating that I cannot find a single lesbian who _can_ answer. They inevitably answer defensively, appearing to stumble over cognitive dissonance, unable to admit something. A hetero man is not defensive about why he is attracted to femininity. And he is very unlikely to hope to attract women by wearing "women's wear" with long hair and nails. I am a hopelessly hetero male who is only _less_ attracted to women who act and appear more masculine. The more feminine, the better. It took you 4 and half minutes to _begin_ to answer the question. But then all you said was "I am attracted to a female's face" which has nothing to with dress. Earlier, you also said, "some things are not meant to be understood" which also sidesteps the question. You said that, yes, "Some females are masculine" ... but the question is, _why_ would a masculine lesbian expect to appear attractive to anyone who prefers women? Then you make an irrelevant reference to common generalizations of the way certain ethnicities look. But masculine looking females look very different from feminine looking women, thus the question is still not answered. Then you defensively say the question is "rude" again. A hetero man _might_ be defensive if asked why he is attracted to say masculine, bodybuilder women. Because perhaps the truth is that he _does_ harbor some repressed homosexuality. Then you talk about vaginas and butts, which again, has nothing to do with why lesbians would be attracted to masculine appearing/behaving women. You said you favorite boy shirts on women, and you are ok with dildos and penetration, and you like "doms"... but you dont prefer men. Then you go into sexual practices that still have nothing to do with dressing or acting masculine. You wrap up with more defensiveness, "Why do _you people_ care so much?!" "It really has nothing to do with you." Why be defensive? Since you posted a video to answer the question, then answer the question. To me, it is not a critical question. It is just that a woman who is attracted to another woman who wears clothes like a man, cuts their hair like a man, wears a strap on, and who is dominant.... sounds an awful lot like a man, doesn't it? The same question goes for why some gay men dress in drag, emulate femininity, and talk about how beautiful women are. I think 6:45 to 6:48 sums your answer.
Jordan Croswell (1 month ago)
Nichelle De Mille (1 month ago)
You look prettier with that make-up 😚
ava🍍 (1 month ago)
ohhhh i thought the thumbnail said "HATE" and i was like :(
Seth Payne (2 months ago)
At the end of the day it's just a horny thing , that's fact, if your dating a dyke , its because the pussy and boobs that's it, it's a horny thing
Kahlil WilliamsTM (2 months ago)
Secy as fuc 😅
Abie Luvs (3 months ago)
bc they fineeee asf lmao
Abie Luvs (3 months ago)
bc they fineeee asf lmao
Stormy Jay (3 months ago)
You did that contour boo boo, that’s why you look different!!! 👌🏾
Nguyenkellyx3 (3 months ago)
Totally agree about the "woman's face"
LA CHRONICLES (3 months ago)
Haitians are Caribbean people, 😂 but great topic
Joyce McLeod (4 months ago)
Tay you do look a bit different. However still beautiful. Love what you've said. Also love that Top.
Logic783 (4 months ago)
I know you're a lesbian but there is a definite gender bias when it comes to bisexual women that date men and studs. The stud can be completely unattractive and will get chosen over an average looking man.
Andrea Lowe (4 months ago)
Agreed! It just shows the level of ignorance in society.
Angelique Houston (4 months ago)
It's The Ideal Of A Women Who Has The Look &Still Is A Women But More Sexier Than A Man
B (4 months ago)
LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE THIS!! If anyone asks me why I'm attracted to a girl that looks like a guy or says "Well you're not really lesbian cause you like girls that look like guys" I will immediately cut you off and never talk to you again.
Real Truth777 (4 months ago)
Everything you said was confusing and going off on different tangents lol. You don't even know why lol. And most dikes are trying to be men, hence that's why they dress like one. 9 times out of ten if you date a dike when you have sex there gonna pull out a strap on lol. So your saying your attracted to a women that dresses like a man that wants to fuck you like a man. It makes no sense still. If your attracted to women why not get with a fine ass women if you attracted women facial features. It makes no since to get with a dike if the whole reason your attracted to women is because of the feminine features. But it's your life. Do you.
Divergent ℠ (2 months ago)
There are femmes who only date femmes that use straps as well. Not all femmes use it and not all studs use it, a lot of women don't even care for penetration so its rarely used in most lesbian relationships despite popular belief. I date studs because I am attracted to masculine women and their aura so being a women they have feminine features but are masculine. Men have penis and studs have a vagina, period. It doesn't matter if they use a strap because underneath they have a nice wet vagina that I can lick and tits to grab on to when I'm riding. Oh & I'm a stud btw :)
Loco Coco (4 months ago)
I have realized that the "straight" people asking these questions dont really want to know the answer. They just want you to know they feel like it doesnt make sense. Im a stud and when a dude asks me why doesnt a woman just be with a man, I say she wants the dick without the Dick that comes with the dick.
Hood Royalty (5 months ago)
I’ve been saying this for so long & nobody ever understands s glad you made a video about this
rocky blue (5 months ago)
I know this is an old video but your hair is goals!!!
Waltanishia Freeman (5 months ago)
Glam u was look pretty but u also was looking like a teen
justice salana (5 months ago)
Dom = man with a vagina. I just don't get it. We care because we are curious, nothing wrong with it.
G. C. (5 months ago)
You demonic as hell
Joya Nelson (5 months ago)
To hell with the nay sayers.I dress masculine and it's due to comfort.people just wanna nit pick.shits annoying.
Y (6 months ago)
Why do you prefer doms more than femmes?
marquell sands (6 months ago)
Audi & Court (7 months ago)
Yes bitch!! Break it down for the ignorant folks out there!
matt S (7 months ago)
Be...cause it's not logical
thesilentdiva (7 months ago)
7:40 people that make those statements reduce attraction and sex to the act of penetration alone. And if sex was just about penetration alone we could all just go get toys and wouldn't need another person period. So much i can say about this topic
thesilentdiva (7 months ago)
At the end of the day she still got a cootie cat tho. I don't get why ppl ask stuff like that. They nosey That hair cute
Ashley Cave (8 months ago)
your makeup looks great but I loveeee your hair this way omg!!!!
L3NA 22 (8 months ago)
Your Gorgeous asf 😍😍
Marley Hill (8 months ago)
this is funny because this comes up when guys are like" are you sure you don't want be with a woman" and I'm like " if they looked like a guy and then took their clothes off I'd be disappointed if there was no dick. There I said it. I like playing with dicks. Lol! People like what they like. Those people who asked you why you don't just date a guy are dumb. I've dated really camp guys but once we get in the bedroom I forget that they can be really effeminate.
itsjustshell (8 months ago)
Say it lil louder for the people in the back!!!
Neeko B (9 months ago)
I get that lol For the first time I get that question. I had the same question until you broke that down. Thanks for sharing.
Kehlani Jae (9 months ago)
Educate me bc that's exactly how I think 😩
Xzariiaa (9 months ago)
The honest answer is one has a vagina and one doesn’t . Simple
taylortotts (10 months ago)
THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!! This video is so relatable & I just love you . I really appreciate you talking about things like this on your channel.
N No (10 months ago)
Did not saw that coming that i liked this video so much you couldtn explain it better i think some guys are just jaleous at ghe amount of attention stems and others get from girls its crazy
Forevea Tae (10 months ago)
I'm a lesbian mostly a Stem I dress girly sometimes but love dressing like a boy cause it comfortable but yha
Baambiey (10 months ago)
You look so good!
Reginald Smith (10 months ago)
Thank you very much I love all of your videos thank you again
Mia Phillips (10 months ago)
Alex Carroll (11 months ago)
Its so weird for me, like I like feminine and masculine girls for different reasons, and different types? I dont know
Skylar Alexis (11 months ago)
Ima start sending this video to ppl who ask me these dumb questions lol
Amaiya knight (11 months ago)
Aka It's not the cloths it's what's underneath them
Brianna Ennis (11 months ago)
Gwendolyn McMillan (11 months ago)
don't mean any harm....but its the highlight around your eyes that's making u appear different looking....needs blending out a little more.
Ditraniq Derouen (1 year ago)
You look beautiful I love your shirt
Rhonda Denise (1 year ago)
Tayyyyyyyy!!!!! Please do a video on your everyday makeup look 😩😩 I am living for this natural beat.... so flawless and simple
taylor'dxXTAYLOR (1 year ago)
As Clear As Day.. She's A Lesbian That Prefer Women Features Face, Vagina, Breast Etc .. But Dresses Masculine .. SIMPLE . That's Her Preference .
##ANIME## Fajoshi (1 year ago)
There is a difference but it's okay if you don't see it 😀
MzBasic Beauty (1 year ago)
u look pretty have a blessed day stay prayed up may god heal your broken hearts n bring u peace thru his son Jesus Christ romans 10:9 is the way stay dope ..
Hannah Stivers (1 year ago)
Honey I feel you! I'm only attracted to studs myself and get the same question asked all the time. Men are dicks, literally ;)
Live Not Die (1 year ago)
You don't seem that feminine. You seem a little stud. Well you seem stem.
Bribeatme (1 year ago)
I love you and your personality and ultimately idc because everyone like what they like .... but I've always wondered the same thing ...and I wonder y if u don't like penis ...y would u like penetration from a fake penis😂... but I still don't feel like u answered the question just went around it...
Divergent ℠ (2 months ago)
I'll answer. Not all dildos look like penises and don't have balls attached nor are they (usually lol) attached to a man so to say that all dildos are fake penises is like saying bananas are fake penises because they're shaped the same. You probably like getting your kitty licked but if you're straight you want it licked by a man not a women. Why? Because you aren't attracted to a women in that way as you are men so it wouldn't be the same. With women sex is mostly mental, we get wet from pure thought. A lesbian isn't attracted to a man in that way and not just because of their penis. Its the way a man looks (physical features/facial features...etc), their energy....etc A stud is a women and a man is a man. A stud has a vagina and titties and a man has a penis and balls. It's simple.
Simply Chii (1 year ago)
Jador’e Dio’r (1 year ago)
Cuz they bomb as fuck 🤗 I love ag's
unamericandeli (1 year ago)
you look so gooood
Taylor Siner (1 year ago)
is that a lace front? because it is beautiful on you! where did you get it from?
Melena Soleil (1 year ago)
I'm extremely EXTREMELY straight but I can appreciate this video. I've personally wondered why people who are attracted to the same gender are also attracted to the "look" of the opposite gender... if that makes sense lol anyway.. I don't understand being a lesbian but she made sense 😂😂 (I'll never crossover tho mind you lol) thanks for making this video tho Tay 😆
azizah (1 year ago)
you do look different but i don't think it's bad.
Cyn X (1 year ago)
I LOVE BUTCH GIRLS!!!!!!!!!! You go momma! Butcher the better!
Reginald Smith Sr (1 year ago)
i really like that thank you very much you really tell it like it is. thank you again
SC Thomas-Joe (1 year ago)
You look lkighter... like a different shade. But you do look cute I love your hair and the TWO CHAINS LOL
HBK WHOODIE (1 year ago)
You so pretty girl❤❤❤😂😂😂
Ree Lala (1 year ago)
Its also sexy when a female dresses masculine... I be like "oh okayyyy u confident fine ass"
Ree Lala (1 year ago)
Welll... when studs take off their clothes they dont have a dick!!! So why tf does it matter bout what they wear.... lol dumb ppl are so annoying
HeyThisIsRya (1 year ago)
Great video, but all I could think the whole time is...a lesbian with those NAILS?! How do you keep from stabbing your girlfriend?! OUCH!!! Lol.
kawiikuchan (1 year ago)
people need to understand that you can be attracted to masculinity without being attracted to men.
G. C. (1 year ago)
Your a demon and a dyke your disgusting
Godfrey campbell but you're watching her lmaooo 😭😂😂
Queen Torrr (1 year ago)
She looks and sound like yandy from love and hip hop
Tee Ryan (1 year ago)
Stud/dom/ag are all the same thing just depends on where you're from. The level of "aggressiveness" really just depends on personality.
Exclusive Addition (1 year ago)
Studs are life: point blank 💁🏽
Jordan Luvs Graham (1 year ago)
Girl I get the same questions too🙄 some people ask to be judge mental and some ask because they are really trying to understand. It's offensive to me too. But everything your saying I agree with!
Genesis Martin (1 year ago)
Hair is always bomb 😭😭
Teetee Williams (1 year ago)
Yes 😒 I don't like that either! but fck it. I love her 😍
Dymond B (1 year ago)
Same. Like wtf its my preference mind yo business. Im tired of that damn question
Remaliah Mitchem (1 year ago)
That hair 😍😍
Jay Savage (1 year ago)
WOW your makeup looks better in my opinion. So golden. That is bomb ass hair though 😍😍😍 #onpoint
GlamBy Tai (1 year ago)
omgggggg i get this so much especially from boys thats tryna holla 😂😂 its so annoying!
Britt A (1 year ago)
I love studs! OMG! AGs and doms lowkey scare me lmaooo. I enjoy the subtle femininity of studs
Heaven Mosley (1 year ago)
I'm a Lesbian , and it took my momma awhile to understand that just because you dress like a boy doesn't make you one and boys ask me a lot too 😂😂😂😂😂 But I could never date a nigga nah ...
Jaziah Thomas (1 year ago)
That Hairrr😍😍😍
one luv22 (1 year ago)
If i was still in my 20's i would be hittin you up on Twitter
mamaceitta carleton (1 year ago)
I have a question.. Why don't most fems like other fems? I love women, but I like girly women.. It's so hard to find another one though.. That gets on my nerves..
TENE BAUM (2 months ago)
mamaceitta carleton very true they’re mostly bi and fake gay that’s why. Fems are lame and I am sadly mainly and only attracted to annoying fems. Probably 80% of them want the D at the end of the day. Next
Neyse Rodriguez (1 year ago)
You're so gorgeous!
Akimana Annie (1 year ago)
omg where your hair from!!!
Sher Mane (1 year ago)
The difference between an AG and Stud are physical attributes. AG is a characteristic that some studs possess but not all AG's are studs and not all studs are AG's. Ever met a soft stud?
Ceairra Ladaisaaa (1 year ago)
Her hair 😍😍😍😋
LifeOfDawn Johnson (1 year ago)
My sentiments exactly !

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