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How To Speak With A French Accent

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Bonjour! We show you how to speak in a French accent. Once you've watched this now it's time to perfect your American accent: http://bit.ly/2uRj888 Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=videojug Check Out Our Channel Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/videojug Like Us On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/videojug Follow Us On Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/videojug
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Text Comments (2068)
Olivia Cooke (4 days ago)
Bonjour!!! (I’m American but I take French in school 😂) Love to all the French people!
ZeBoy 19 (7 days ago)
It's hard going from australian to french accents xD
Samuel S (14 days ago)
Can’t trill my R’s :(
Pete Hall (14 days ago)
I did it!
300books (15 days ago)
French people I know do not say "sank you". They say "tank you". They also say "dis and dat" for "this and that".
Farahin Zulkifli (19 days ago)
I learned a lot in this short video
Nathornade (21 days ago)
Lol je suis mort de rire mais gg vraiment 😂😂salut les englais !😊
Jack Darby (27 days ago)
Germans invaded through the Arden..* shrug
Ishan Sinha (28 days ago)
I think French accent is very adorable. Just wanna hug them when they speak English
Kevessi (1 month ago)
Im a French spesker an DC i do not add peak like that at all lol
Drew T (1 month ago)
I tried these accents. But now I just feel Russian
Dat Roy (1 month ago)
Lol I do this stupid French impression and say the dumbest things like “In France we call women that wear a lot of makes whores”
Lizzie Rose (1 month ago)
Okay i am ready to be Francis
Mister Dee (1 month ago)
this guy fucking fails every accent ever lol
Paul gabriel Vidal (1 month ago)
they create French fries!!!!
Austin Cram (1 month ago)
Ugh the R's make me want to vomit.
Dilish M.E.K (1 month ago)
I’m pretty sure that half of the people who commented “I’m French” are not actually french. But I’m going to say it anyway “I’m French” 😂
DominatingDrake (1 month ago)
Sound more like *German*
San Vich King (1 month ago)
That sounds like a German accent
KC Koala (1 month ago)
This not saying h part is day for me cause I'm newfie
Sister Scandalous (1 month ago)
He’s a holistic vocal coach
florian florian (1 month ago)
please could you guys give his real YouTube channel
Julien (1 month ago)
Sow... Ree... = sorry
Braden Friberg (1 month ago)
Try this sentence over and over "May we ride to the hospital"
xxxxSOSEXYxxxx (1 month ago)
:::Starts searching Lafayette::: Thanks to the comments.
Wyatt Peek (2 months ago)
Des1 (2 months ago)
How to be spy 101
Mikayla Anne (2 months ago)
I’m learning Papaoutai and I can’t pronounce sacre
Mr. Ripper (2 months ago)
Fun Fact: Some man just come here cuz their crushes like French accent
Rachel Xjk (2 months ago)
idk why people think French accent is sexy 😂😂 it's just ugly and 💀 as a French I think that people who speak/are trying to speak with a French accent are just stupid or dumb 😂😂😂
Barnali Behari (2 months ago)
The "r" is the most difficult to learn! Does anyone have any other tips? I'm going into French 3 this school year and I still can't get the "r"s right ha.
Hack Girl (2 months ago)
Well mine sounds like more in Russian accent
Fluoxjw (2 months ago)
His accent wasn't on point
victoria levasseur (2 months ago)
I’m français et cette vidéo était poubelle je ne pouvais pas arrêter de rire
Alex H (2 months ago)
How do you deal with Wh sounds? Like, when or where
8MO 03_7 (2 months ago)
Rawr XD (2 months ago)
Ajourdhui tu parle francais
Dipping Sauce (2 months ago)
your forehead, bro
snicker doodle (2 months ago)
lmao i tried the r thing and i choked
Morec0 (2 months ago)
Every time I try to do a French accent it just comes out as Gay German....
Dominique Neuhofer (2 months ago)
You reached your limits ..stay indoor ..
Claude Barthy (2 months ago)
English speakers articulate much more. French people's mouths are more relax when they speak.
DracoMaxo (3 months ago)
oui oui monami yemapel lafayet
I Velvet I (3 months ago)
Lol a Jeep ad came up and I got distracted bcause I clicked on it XD
Arkenholm (3 months ago)
I have to learn how to speak like a Frenchman. It's my favorite accent
Blyzel (3 months ago)
Oh my gosh I love his thumbnails with the ancient phone for some reason
chochooshoe (3 months ago)
you are getting the 'r' wrong...that's not how french people pronounce the 'r' :P it sounds more like a spanish 'r'... maybe you should be coached :P
Dermelsa Durand (4 months ago)
So that's how Daveed does it
Mini_lollol YEET! (4 months ago)
why not (4 months ago)
What the fuck is a zed
Mira M. S. (4 months ago)
Almost everyone in the comment section is joking about this but, I, genuinely am passionate about this because, I really need this! Like, my brother just checked the laptop screen to see what I was doing and he was like: "Uh, oookaaaaayyyy? Why would ANYONE search for something like that (mostly someone like me because, I don't speak French and lean more towards Italian, German and Turkish and scientific subjects at school)? Do I even wanna know why??? o.o" Guess what? A WATTPAD AUTHOR WOULD SEARCH FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE DOING! xD
The Night We Met (4 months ago)
_I really thought you have an undercut haircut on the thumbnail and realized that it was a fucking french _*_HAT_*_ smh._
DMS Inc. (4 months ago)
I have a terrible accent but not because of my language. I'm a native English speaker and speak English with a disgusting accent. I'm trying to learn how to just sound like I'm from a different country now
Stanley (4 months ago)
Ashraf Husain (4 months ago)
I live in France. French people can't pronounce English. The way they speak it's very funny. I saw from my experience that lots of high educated French people even can't speak a little bit English. But of course, some French people speak very good English.
Arrêter de parler de notre accent vous savez pas un mot de français alors chut
Lakicia Crow (4 months ago)
I’m French and Scottish and oji-Cree and Cree and anishinabe
Dragontron20 (4 months ago)
T T T T Target (4 months ago)
I did it and my mom was yelling why u acting like a lion
FaZe Ridge (4 months ago)
I literally talk to every french person in English and if they don’t understand I make it sound like this
Noodluner (4 months ago)
Needed this to sing guns and ships in hamilton..
Agnes B (4 months ago)
I can’t say R! :(
Not Spiderman (5 months ago)
:0 so crazy how many French people approve of this!!!🙂🙂🙂
Un Communiste (5 months ago)
Parfait ! C'est du pur accent 100% français et 100% moche
Arnaud GILBERT (5 months ago)
An authenthic french accent would have been better than this pale imitation !
VANILLA- STARR (5 months ago)
dolfinsbizou (5 months ago)
"Not all french people are like that" Yes we are :') You nailed it, this is exactly how we pronounce English (you nailède it, zis iz ègzactli ow oui prononce èngliche, hon hon)
B Bb (5 months ago)
omg I rolled my rs after sounding like a dying cat choking on a furball for years and I have you to thank for that simple explanation. Thank you for helping me not sound like a dying cat in need of being put out of its misery.
B Bb (5 months ago)
nevermind. Sound like a dying cat again. Practice, practice!
Федоров Иван (5 months ago)
TH - SUCK! Surprised that whole non-english Europe thinks the same. Cyrillic letter "Ь" have more sense than this stupid TH.
Daniel Wright (5 months ago)
lol. my throat hurt after trying this a couple times. .
Roman sixnine (5 months ago)
The only accent I can speak are British, and Californian accent cause I’m from California
AeroSphere (5 months ago)
What better time for my screen to freeze then when he's talking about not moving your mouth
Il ne sait pas prononcer le R français... ^^ ...
Emilie Web (5 months ago)
Moi je sais faire l'accent français en anglais sans l'aide d'un coach hé hé
Gage Frankel (5 months ago)
Is it just me or is his french R not quite right? In speech it sounds fine to me but I feel like when he is demonstrating it alone it sounds more like a latin rolled r.
Tocorrean Russell (5 months ago)
I was born in france so in french but be for i could learn the language I moved to america
jamie reid (5 months ago)
first step slice of you testicles second step put your finger up yer ass how aboat that you frog fuckers
Amazing!! Thank you so much!!
The End (5 months ago)
When you laugh you go hohohohoho!
Blood Ink (5 months ago)
I'm approve and I French this!
90xo (5 months ago)
I honestly wish I could learn French
YanKiwi (6 months ago)
J'ai pas tout compris mais c est vrai que notre accent ressemble beaucoup a ça, bordel.
Meera Rassuli (6 months ago)
That is true I live in Montreal which is French I learn English by my cousin mercy
Raphaël D (6 months ago)
his R is not the real french R. He rolls it too much and makes it too strong. To me he sounds like a german trying the rolled spanish R. French R is not rolled at all (it was in some place of France one century ago). The french R is slightly gutural and must remain soft.
Ike Wiseman (6 months ago)
I denounce ! The French are bad in English, because they are too preoccupied to bother the teachers in college. So teachers no longer want to bother to teach them the accent in addition to teaching them the theory. And the students do not care, they continue to annoy them. After, they are not all like that, but the disrupters are very annoying and discourage teachers in their work. But dumbs are everywhere, not only in France, and not only among students. It's true !
Avana (6 months ago)
Just putting a quick warning out there, native French speakers do not speak like his example. This is the stereotypical version of a French accent and if you were to use it in France everyone would think you're an idiot. Listen to some podcasts by French speakers speaking English and you'll see that it's different, not very different, but it's important anyway as French has some very unique sounds to it.
Kitiya Longkumer (6 months ago)
Mirren Kelly (6 months ago)
The French accent sound so romantic
Toothbrush Wielder (6 months ago)
OI OI OI WHAT IS THIS COUGH MAKE THIS MORE CANADIAN WILL YE- “THE” IS PRONOUNCED “DE” LOL Example of what I hear from my fellow french Canadian classmates Me: “The three dogs wagged their tails with excitement.” Classmates: “de tree dog wag deir tail wit ekssitement”
SiF SiF (6 months ago)
Lol am french and this is hilarious Edit: I don’t have french accent though since I am fluent in English Oh and you need to work on your R, it’s good but you made some mistakes
Stranger Things Edit (6 months ago)
Like ziss!
Dana S (6 months ago)
"this helped me alot. sank you i will keep zat in mind ;D " I french and i laughing but good try though. I like the video.
dave lizewski (6 months ago)
Eh pd jparle pas comme ca
Atharva Dabholkar (6 months ago)
1:01 LMAO
Aman Raina (6 months ago)
20 Seconds into the Video . And i give up
mon compte (6 months ago)
Désolé mais je suis en 4ème et toute les personnes de ma classe parlent vraiment bien en anglais (avec un petit accent mais pas aussi exagéré) 😊
Ness Blues (6 months ago)
Here so I can play a French Prince in the play Game of Tiaras. I'm not obligated to have an accent, but I thought it would be more entertaining
xRavenPlayz (7 months ago)
Sounds BEAUTIFUL lol
True Canadian (7 months ago)
2018?? anyone???
FrenchMappingMC (7 months ago)
vat ze vaq
Roger Michou (7 months ago)
90% of french people pronounce "beach" and "bitch" the same way

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