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How To Do Bas Rutten's Escape From A Guillotine Choke

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VideoJug presents Bas Rutten, mixed martial arts legend, who gives a lesson in mixed martial arts. Learn with Bas how to escape from an opponent's deadly guillotine choke. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=videojug Check Out Our Channel Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/videojug Like Us On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/videojug Follow Us On Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/videojug Watch This and Other Related films here: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-do-bas-ruttens-escape-from-a-guillotine-choke
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Text Comments (520)
Francisco Delacruz (2 months ago)
1:19 when you playing with your girl
Psalm 144:1 Romans 13 (4 months ago)
Yes there are various techniques to get out of the front choke but honestly I like this this is good for all of the stronger Brute Force type of guys but yes they are other techniques very good instruction from the legendary Bass. 😉
HulkVahkiin (5 months ago)
This is assumimg you can carry the other person.
1907 GFB (5 months ago)
What if you are already on the ground? I‘m pretty decent on the ground but the Guillotine choke fucks me up in sparring
itsme (11 months ago)
This better work
Hiep Nguyen (1 year ago)
My guess was the liver shot!!!???
Husky Ruski (1 year ago)
Spent ten minutes looking for this. Every other reversal of offense. This defense looks flawless.
Alem (1 year ago)
I was caught in a guillotine chokehold once in a street fight. I knocked my opponent on the ground by grabbing the back of knee and ramming into him with my shoulders. He was still holding me on the ground and then I kinda rolled over his face, like a somersault. His grip was less tight and I was able to twist so that I get from lying on my back (over his face) to lying on my stomach, so that he was applying pressure to the back of my neck instead of the front. From there I was just able to easily pull away. Also, my neck made a lot of cracking noises when I did this, at one point I thought I broke my neck (but it wasn't anything, more like just cracking your knuckles), so I don't know if there's any risk to this move. I don't know if this works for every scenario but just my 2 cents.
Aw Martian (1 year ago)
Jay Markert (1 year ago)
Dude when he picked him up i immediately said what the fuck
Sherlock Holmes (1 year ago)
what the fuck....if somebody does this to me in a street fight i would grab his balls ...😂😂...easy way to defeat
David Delgado (1 year ago)
I love that Bas is a kind classy guy. He has a great heart and is not like others who are greedy in this game. He is a legend but a role model as well. I'm so thankfull for these videos . May God Prosper and favor you and your lovely family Bas, I was bullied I was born with one hand in the Bronx N.Y. and it was rough. Now I teach my kids to defend not offend.
Marco (1 year ago)
0:13 Bas sounds like he's an expert on choking babies
SH KG (6 months ago)
He chokes his wife like dat
The_bully_hunter 77 (2 years ago)
I've always know how to get out of one but yet i panic and try and lift there legs up and sometimes they are too heavy and i end up going even further into the choke
OK (2 years ago)
not everyone is bigger than Bas, ez for him
Steven Roman (2 years ago)
if you do this you can set up for a van flute choke... nice
ugly (1 year ago)
Von Flue*
Garlic Yum (2 years ago)
Ray alva (2 years ago)
generally the motion of the opponent trying lean back to complete the choke, makes the slam hard for a weaker person. in that case using the opponents movement back words allows a very simple trip, then using the same concept landing on top in side control
Super Earthling Yamcha (2 years ago)
Is it really a good idea to pick someone up when they have their arm around your neck? You don't want to throw or drop them and have them yank your neck with you..
NB 9 (2 years ago)
+Metal Gamer ment rener lol auto correction
Metal Gamer (2 years ago)
+NB 9 Who's Renee????
NB 9 (2 years ago)
+fordgt402 lol
fordgt402 (2 years ago)
Is that some new Ramen sushi?
NB 9 (2 years ago)
+Metal Gamer OK thanx. U use the Renee Gracie own he showed in the valasquesv werdum breakdown. Works for me
Tome ufc14 (3 years ago)
this is a great video but you cannot do that throw to someone who is 90kg or more...i tried this today on my training with a 60kg guy and it worked great,but then tried it with a guy that is 88kg and it wasnt that easy,i can lift him but i cannot really knock him onto the floor...but awesome video.Bas is the legend!!
annoyed707 (2 years ago)
Other videos show releasing pressure, going up under the choking arm with your body and turning outward into an arm lock / throw. Another approach uses an arm over shoulder with weight on the choker, stepping to that side and buckling their leg with yours, then falling into a side control or something like that.
paul brennan (3 years ago)
Bad.ur da real deal..i know what I'm talking about I was a bouncer for many years.. These techniques work..u don't have time for fancy stuff. Biff. Bang. Bonm..
HamsterCatLionn (3 years ago)
okay so how do you really defend it lol
Gabriel Cundari (1 year ago)
HamsterCatLionn this is not a defense but an escape. A defense would be avoiding the clinch
Top Kid (3 years ago)
anyone got any videos of this in action? a link wud b very helpful
Gian Novelo (3 years ago)
how to this if ur on the ground...same concept?
benzema33bp (4 years ago)
Is that frank shamrock he keeps whooping?
Joseph Davis (4 years ago)
Love how the music drowns out your instruction. As if your accent is not bad enough. lol
Connor Jaschen (4 years ago)
To the people asking about it when you're on the ground, I have always simply tripod-ed up (butt high in the air, legs almost straightened out) and been patient. Whenever that happened for me, in that position, I couldn't feel any effective pressure and my opponent tired himself out in a hopeless attempt at choking. At that point, be patient and attack the hands until you feel a chance to capitalize and escape. In the end, sometimes it turns into a bit of a waiting game.
Tyler Jones (4 years ago)
A few people have mentioned turning to face your opponent cutting off your carotid arteries and I can't reply to them directly thanks to youtube's comment system. The carotid arteries are located in the front of your neck, they would only get cut off if you faced away from the opponent.
MindOfRobbie (5 years ago)
This worked for me
T1M0TH (5 years ago)
thats a good way to cut off your carotid artery which will also cause a knock out..done.
Kamuran Deliormanli (5 years ago)
what if the opponent is a heavy or fat guy which is hard to lift? i think this escape is nonsense
The Reaper (6 months ago)
Get stronger ffs
Louis Chaumet (6 months ago)
That's a very strong position, I lifted a 200 pound man no problem when I weighed 140 before I got stronger. Only way it may be difficult is if he's closer to 300 and can wrestle but most wrestlers wouldn't even see that coming.
Harry Molloy (9 months ago)
If he is heavy then when you trap the leg, try to sweep the other leg out after the side step.
Husky Ruski (1 year ago)
In any case. If you're fighting a sumo size then all you need is run at him. Jump up right before his reach, grab the top of his shoulders and knee him as hard as possible right between the eyes. You'll phase him long enough to run or gain an advantage or if he turns his head you'll knock him out by hitting his temple.
Husky Ruski (1 year ago)
D Lunar 90 only cuts off the artery if your facing away. It's why you face his side not his elbow
joecugo (5 years ago)
My last opponent was defeated via guillotine choke. Once its stuck in deep and youre on the ground there is no escaping it.
biggunzcdb (5 years ago)
Plus Guillotine is weak against strong necked well trained opponents & all they have 2 do is turn their head 90 degrees= No Choke
biggunzcdb (5 years ago)
No need 2, (Buy The DVDs They Are Worth It) Bas tried 2 Guillotine Marco Ruas & Marco Dropped him on his head before he could finish choke.It takes a while 2 finish a Guillotine it takes 2 seconds 2 pick someone up and fall on them the person holding the choke leaves themselves no hands 2 keep their head from contacting the mat(or ground OUCH) Have someone attempt 2 Guillotine you and try it IT WORKS...Disclaimer: Always use propper safety gear always have first aid training & Keep It Playful
daniel987878 (5 years ago)
He even admitted he is Chinese how much evidence do you need?
ESSE (5 years ago)
Bas is da Man
NYWAORCANZ (5 years ago)
What ever!!! you don't know shit do you?
IRHasDiabetes911 (5 years ago)
the person has leverage over you. even if they're weaker you wouldn't in most cases be able to force their hands off. they'd have to be weak as a child for you to do that
panderetoir (5 years ago)
bleed an hound in the eye.
YaarGovanBoy (5 years ago)
But some people hook the arm together. So then what to do??
TheTechnoking69 (5 years ago)
you broke my laptop screen 2:09 not cool bas
Eternal Light (5 years ago)
Well I tried it and it works well, but I got to tell you: you have to be careful not to hit the ground with your own face when you are slamming him.
NYWAORCANZ (5 years ago)
I bought one of his VSH videos in the 90's watched it a few times then in 2005 I completely wrecked a much bigger guy.Now, I will admit he was drunk when he tried to mess with me but he was much bigger then me and the info in his video from 10 years earlier come to me in a flash when I needed it. So, I would say your money is well spent with Bas Rutten
ALL KIIINDS (5 years ago)
Yeah dutch
Jstino 99 (5 years ago)
epic paco (5 years ago)
that is the same thing
thericate (5 years ago)
then you aim for the balls
Randall Pfleegor (5 years ago)
hes from holland
Tarik karraz (5 years ago)
he is dutch isnt he
CircleJerkHOLLIS (5 years ago)
He crushes your windpipe
CircleJerkHOLLIS (5 years ago)
Good luck pulling this off. If someone gets you good and proper lets face it you're fucked.
Eternal Light (5 years ago)
Thank you, Bas!
MrFabiomassid (5 years ago)
He know about the baby because he did it :)
Richard Lionheart (5 years ago)
Just make sure he doesnt push on your throat, and then grab his balls, punch his balls or knee his balls and you can escape
Vam The Anomaly (5 years ago)
Bas or Video Jug contacting Bas. Please reply to the question which I myself are about to ask. Many have asked it as well. What if they guy choking you is heavier than you? Or you have back problems and can only lift a certain amount of weight. Is there another way or are we just fucked?
mr bravo (5 years ago)
what if the guy ways 200 pounds ?
You Toober (5 years ago)
What was that hit/move @ 0:12?
laxm0nkey (5 years ago)
are you asking in streetfight or in a competition? in competition they should be same weight as you. in streetfight. squeeze the balls.
laxm0nkey (5 years ago)
because unless you had monstrous shoulders, you wouldnt be able to force his hands out because of the way the choke works, it is nearly his whole upper body force applying the choke (shoulders, biceps, abs, triceps, fore arms) so just trying to pull down would not generate enough power to get out of it.
Rocktard McGillicuddy (5 years ago)
Just bite his butcheek.
Alex Hoyle (5 years ago)
No problem take care :-)
Alex Hoyle (5 years ago)
turn your head to the side and nip the back of his arm, he'll let go, the way he was teaching us was more of an aggressive approach
Billion Baby (5 years ago)
wait why did he punch the screen to seem all bad ass
Billion Baby (5 years ago)
poop poop
WhereThereDude (5 years ago)
i don't know but it reminds me to eddie bravo teaching how to choke out a baby lol
Chucky Marstein (5 years ago)
Lol, yes. I was down not to long ago and tried to go for a triangle from guard. Guy got a hold of my junk and it was game over.
H Dechev (5 years ago)
He was explaining how to escape from a choke.
maxk880 (5 years ago)
He meant that a natural reflex is to pull away someone who is choking you.
Solid Gear (5 years ago)
drunkjk (5 years ago)
thumbs up if the stocking article brought you here
onlyone23km (5 years ago)
Can you please elaborate?
Sriracha Sauce (5 years ago)
then use his weight to his disadvantage by a redirection trip.... unless you are incapable.
Sriracha Sauce (5 years ago)
yeah man, cool man.
420topramen (5 years ago)
smoke weed
lightmanfilms (5 years ago)
You have no force to pull he's hand down due to your body stance and his weight pushing you downward and it is not just a simple choke. He literally controls your balance if you are under a choke like this. Unless he has you in a back mount choke you can try to get out of the back mount choke by forcing his hands down. In MMA rules make him loose balance first and get out of it and this is a good way. In street fight rules, grab him by the balls and make him sing the international anthem.
Conan (5 years ago)
SWIFTzTrigger (6 years ago)
what if your opponent is a lot heavier and bigger than you? what can you do then?
Padraic O'Gawain (6 years ago)
Shouldn't we grab the arm that's choking our throat? Bas doesn't do this. How come? Anyone w/MMA experience want to sound off, please? Thanx, fellas :)
P B (6 years ago)
It is like Matan is saying, it's about the reflexes. Bas is trying to explain is that our first reaction is to do that when we are beeing choked.
CKKOCKAZ 77 (6 years ago)
long time no see HECTOR PEÑA greetings
NewCanadianTurtle (6 years ago)
I was wrestling my friend yesterday and he got me in this choke. I didn't know what to do. But after watching this video I feel so much emotion for hope that I can still be a great fighter. By the way, my friend was 80 pounds heavier than me
Stanislav Dimolarev (6 years ago)
retard have you even watched his movie,there he says that his friend told him that when you catch a baby by he throat blablabla... its just cut off
m4ciekw (6 years ago)
You've got only one? I've got two!
Jake Gage (6 years ago)
Damn, I watched this once, went down stairs and asked my bro to put me in this choke. Dropped him right on his bed, works well!!
hallmonitor98 (6 years ago)
but if you look to your the side, you expose your carotid artery to the pressure and you would go out even faster
Mate Buzov (6 years ago)
No retard.. He was trying to explain that if you try to choke somebody, human reflex is to do that hand motion like a baby did, so basically its best defence for choking...
He is
CalBladeDancer (6 years ago)
The guy on the left is fucking ugly :)
Wanderlei did that against Sakuraba
sexayyg (6 years ago)
i saw the triANGLE
1badmonster (6 years ago)
It's best to toughen kids up from the very beginning, sort of like of throwing a baby into the deep end of the pool to teach him to swim.
Stanislav Dimolarev (6 years ago)
it was something that his friend told him
juggernuts1000 (6 years ago)
you dont have to weight him just rip his nutts off because if its the street then be street
gunslinga19 (6 years ago)
Mate this isn't the 90's. If your opponent is a super heavyweight then you can lift him because you are the same weight. If it's a street fight and he's double your weight, instead of trapping his legs (step 2), simply crush his bollocks like a pair of ripe kiwi fruits.
CM PUNK (6 years ago)
what if the oppunont was super heavyweight , u can't lift him !!
coldshandy (6 years ago)
How many cameras did he broke during his videos?!
SongHooks1993 (6 years ago)
The Bas Rutten Baptism
Ace (6 years ago)
i said the same thing lmaooo
Trey Proper (6 years ago)
Bas is incredible.
Frank Whitewater (6 years ago)
Bas is not expendable

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