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Best Alejandra Gil Workout for Glutes [ Musas Wellness ]

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Alejandra Gil Instagram https://www.instagram.com/camilita1207/ Snapchat: THEREALALEJAGIL website with Exclusive content: 👇👇👇 www.connectpal.com/alejandragil
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2:05 female drinking wine in gym while working out 😂😂😂 these hoes truly have no idea bout true work out all I see is she just trying to build ass but when she hits 40 those cheeks will hit the floor sagging
OMAR P. (1 year ago)
Gmoneyirl (3 years ago)
This girl really fucking going on irrelevant you tube videos to promote her whoredom, sad day in life.
Gmoneyirl (3 years ago)
+Programming 4 Geeks u still say u tryna stretch assholes which makes u GAYYYYYYYYYYY
Gmoneyirl (3 years ago)
+Programming 4 Geeks fuckoutta here u fugazy
Gmoneyirl (3 years ago)
+Programming 4 Geeks shut up.
Baby Facedyaya (3 years ago)
whore page
Eazy Touch (3 years ago)
filam six
Ciara Noakes (3 years ago)
wat that song kalled
Mike Wiksyk (3 years ago)
fuck that song lol

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