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Golf: Avoid Slicing

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Improve your golf game with Rickard Strongert by learning how to stop this devastating slice. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=videojug Check Out Our Channel Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/videojug Like Us On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/videojug Follow Us On Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/videojug Watch This and Other Related films here: http://www.videojug.com/film/golf-avoid-slicing
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Text Comments (72)
mio (1 year ago)
Perfect! The Vidjugjshfdfhsjdghg way
Oh ok (2 years ago)
Perfect! The Vegyojue way.
Blackbird 111 (3 years ago)
This guy is awesome! Straight and to the point. Thank you! Helped me out so much
lifeson241 (4 years ago)
Thank You!!
Kibbs Osafo (5 years ago)
I'm Going to be a Golf sta-r
prithvi bajaj (5 years ago)
These youtube adverts suck so much
Winterstick549 (5 years ago)
Awesome swing, not personality. We dont know him.
Team K (5 years ago)
SWING inside to outside and slice no more.
Fredrik Åkermark (5 years ago)
John Anthony (5 years ago)
thanks ive enjoyed your videos there simple & straight forward,just what most of us need.
David Hansen (5 years ago)
Great instructions.
Mox_au (6 years ago)
abdomum lol
honeymojit (6 years ago)
My swing definitely improved
Frank Champion (6 years ago)
Short iron swing
dannytwosocks (6 years ago)
Hes a dude! he has a good attitude + makes you remember golfs supposed to be fun!
balla7t (6 years ago)
Why is everybody saying this guy is so awesome by just watching a video? I mean it is a good tutorial but you don't know anything about him...
westonp80 (6 years ago)
This guy is awesome, want him for my coach!
woijasdfliwa (6 years ago)
this guy is awesome...My game has improved after watching his videos and going to the range
James Fletcher (6 years ago)
pause at 0:01 hold up and right key you can play snake
dave how (6 years ago)
i want the music
Chadasdf (6 years ago)
That or get kicked off the golf course lol.
mcdangles89 (6 years ago)
great man
Patrick Wright (6 years ago)
His name's Kevin Na.
Chadasdf (6 years ago)
Can you imagine some douche bag doing eevry step before every swing? :O
Dodges (6 years ago)
I'm going to hire a narrator
Michael Mayorga (6 years ago)
i would agree a slice is definitely anything with a huge over the top motion. but remember club face determines where the ball starts. you can swing completely over the top with a wide open club face and hit a fat push slice. trust me i can do it on command lol.
qdE uä (6 years ago)
You are wrong there is a difference between a pushfade and a pullslice. A slice to me is hit with an out to in path and a clubface that is open relative to the swingpath, that is the definition of a slice to me.
Michael Mayorga (6 years ago)
not at all. a slice is any shot that is a crazy fade. wether it starts right or starts left it doesnt matter, push slice pull, pull slice, if it has that much side spin its a slice.
qdE uä (6 years ago)
Well, I would not consider myself as a golfpro but I do consider my self as a guy that has a lot of knowledge about golf.
bigmaxy07 (6 years ago)
you can't argue with the Vidjujeug way
Steven P (6 years ago)
this guy is good and hilarious.
Lee LM (6 years ago)
im playing this afternoon im praying it works :) thanks for the tip
qdE uä (6 years ago)
People don't know what a slice is the shot he hit 0:17 is not a slice it's a pushslice which means his path was not the problem just that the face was open relative to the swingpath. A slice starts left of the target or at the target then the ball curves to the right of the target.
A.M. WYO (7 years ago)
I have that problem with my older brother, he has a terrible baseball swing and crushes them 290+ ive seen him drive appx 310 on a driving range... drives me nuts
Jason Bruce (7 years ago)
are u the older or younger brother
Fission (7 years ago)
Imagine how awkward it would be, doing all those steps and still splicing the ball? LOL
Yoganastics (7 years ago)
Played well in every aspect of my game except my drivers, slicing every single shot off the tee, HELP!
6CMC9 (7 years ago)
so this is what happens when youporn meets youtube ... 0.o lol
alverniagolfer (7 years ago)
@Beholdthecoma You would be annoying to play behind then
Mox_au (7 years ago)
lol fuckin ricard.....you crack me up son
mary (7 years ago)
@doggrocks11 it means ur probably bending ur wrists back like swinging a baseball bat- this happened to me and on my back swing i made sure i kept my wrists straight and not bent.
fogle6 (7 years ago)
@doggrocks11 gloves...
Matt Evans (7 years ago)
when I swing my left hand starts hurting, how do I stop that?
Cole Theo (7 years ago)
Whoa check out this crazy vid of some kids homemade golf course! youtube.com/user/24hoopsforever#p/u/1/A2MdYX89pb8
Vic Valbuena Bareng (7 years ago)
Now every time i make a perfect swing, I can't help but say, "Perfect! the Video Jug way! LOL
Abi Sampath (7 years ago)
@dlester218 I think he's saying "The Video Jug Way", or maybe just "Video Jug Way".
dlester218 (7 years ago)
i still haven't really worked out what his name is or what he says at the end...
John Clausen (7 years ago)
@Beholdthecoma I played with a kid in a match once that did
tomsmith100 (8 years ago)
@SAMLAD2k6 Check out the pros who place clubs on the ground. Using the term 'noob'? You have clearly been playing too many video games. Grow up, the guy is giving free advice. You don't need to take on board anything he has said or even agree. I would like to see you play against him and I bet you would lose. : )
tomsmith100 (8 years ago)
@olifantastisk I'm left handed also, but you just reverse the stuff and it works just the same
2good4name (8 years ago)
@CarpMagic95 Too late.
Fisher Rivero Connell (8 years ago)
I never knew Arnold Schwarzenegger could play golf :O
Pob Marley (8 years ago)
@SAMLAD2k6 Dont be an idiot.
blazed322 (9 years ago)
My mini golf game should improve now thanks to this vid!
jackcmb4 (9 years ago)
my biggest problemo, the dredded slice :{
randomnessiscoolyeh (9 years ago)
@Shan2809 bet u cant remember what comment you left when you read this
Graeme R (9 years ago)
I just whack and hope for the best. It would have been so funny if his shot went wrong after all that showing off
Harvey Davey (9 years ago)
Jesus Christ they've done so many golf videos! I bet their games go on for fucking days!
pupper (9 years ago)
Im just confused now! this is confusing...
Shannen Matnarudin (9 years ago)
lol wud be funny is he sliced it at the end
Harvey Davey (9 years ago)
@miniergoober no, i was being sarcastic, as if people are actually gonna take this long to take one hit.
wachalmm08 (9 years ago)
those are some good tips i shall win everytime i use this method!!! YES!! touchdown!!! score one for me tee hee
miniergoober (9 years ago)
@Beholdthecoma that makes you a slave to the man FOR SHAME
Jorbus JEAN (9 years ago)
nice tips btw im 14 today i played an 18 hole golf course am evertime iam driving i keep slicing my balls to the right due to my shoulders but iam going to definatly try them tips and hopefully i can hit straight down the middle
BRboi777 (9 years ago)
i saw it at the end go a bit to the left. not impressed at all
Harvey Davey (9 years ago)
I'm gonna do every step before every swing
Alejandro Hinojosa (9 years ago)
what he call me at the end?
Roh W. (9 years ago)
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iertjuh (9 years ago)
Alibaba3000 (9 years ago)
chewbacca loves to play golf :)
Epictek (9 years ago)
i dont play golf

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